Gustav Burlet


I got a taste for martial arts at an early age. In my last year at school, I started Jiu Jitsu with Sensei Tobler (instructor at the Zurich Cantonal Police). At the age of 16 I met the Indonesian Grandmaster ("PENDEKAR MADYA") Haka Tahir. With him I learned the art of Pencak Silat and passed the 1st Dan examination.


Soon I opened my own dojo - which, by the way, also had the name "Hong Long" (translated: red dragon) - and thus acquired my first experience in teaching. 

Küni Burlet


Unlike Gustav, I have no previous knowledge of Asian martial arts, although foreign cultures, especially Asian cultures, fascinated me enormously as a teenager. Later, numerous trips through Southeast Asia followed. This was a wonderful and enriching time in my life.


When Gustav's and my paths crossed, we were soon looking for a common hobby/sport. It should be health-promoting and -maintaining, to be practised in the open air and without special sports clothes and accessories.


So we started with a first Taiji course with Daniel Züblin in Winterthur. That was the beginning of a long Taiji and Qigong path...

Taiji training by Küni and Gustav Burlet:

  • From May 2011: Beginners' course Taiji / Qigong with Daniel Züblin, Qi Space, Winterthur.
  • April 2012: Start of Taiji training to become a course leader of the "Swiss Society for Qigong and Taijiquan" (SGQT) with Marianne Vögeli, Hans Peter Sibler and Eliane Roggo, School for Taiji and Qigong, Zurich.
  • August 2013: Taiji training and introduction to Xin Yi Quan in Wudang Shan (China) at the China Wudang Kung Fu Academy.
  • June 2014: Training with Yürgen Oster, Wudang Dao, Tenerife
  • May 2015: successfully passed examination to become a Taiji course leader according to SGQT guidelines.
    Diplomas: Küni Gustav
  • March 2017 to January 2019: Xuan Wu Pai training at the Wudang Liyang Internal Kungfu Academy with Master Tian Liyang in Wudang Shan, Hubei Province, China:

    Liu Zi Zhen Jing / Zhou Tian Huo Sheng Gong / Cai Qi Zhu Ji, Xiao Zhou Tian / Nei Jia Shi San Zhuang / Ba Duan Jin
    Fang Song Gong / Wu Zang Nei Yang Gong / Dao Jia Yang Sheng Shi San Shi / Wu Xing Liu He Gong / Wudang Taiji Shi San Shi / Wudang Michuan Taiji Quan 64 Shi/ Wudang Taiji Jian.   (confirmations)

Own school in Winterthur (CH): 

  • From November 2014 to February 2017 we taught the 37 form in Yang style as well as the various Qi Gong trainings (Küni & Gustav): 

Further training (Küni & Gustav):

  • May2015 - December 2016: weekly Long Form (108 Form) and Circles according to Chung Liang Al Huang with Marianne Vögeli.
  • 20/21 June 2015: Taiji-Qigong (Shibashi) seminar with Wilhelm Mertens
  • 27/28 June 2015: Experiential Anatomy - in relation to Taiji and Qigong with Hans Peter Tschol
  • 03-08.08.2015: Taiji seminar in Hertenstein (37 and 108 form, Qigong, 5 elements, 1st + 2nd circle) with Marianne Vögeli and Hans-Peter Sibler
  • 05./06.09.2015: Spiral Dynamics with Barbara Eichenberger
  • 26.09.2015: 108 form with Hans-Peter Sibler
  • 31.10.+01.11.2015: Taiji ritual and 1st - 4th circle with Marianne Vögeli and Hans-Peter Sibler
  • 20/21.11.2015: The stages of development in Taiji Quan and Long Zi Jue "The secret Daoist dragon exercises" with Shifu Shen Xijing
  • 05.12.2015: Yu Zhen Bu Yuan Gong - Kidney-Qigong - Seminar with Eliane Roggo (SGQT accredited teacher)
  • 24.01.2015: Gong Fa Seminar with Dominique Mauro Vermont Petit-Outheinin, Chong Ki Shin Do - School, Lucerne.
  • 03.04.2016: Daoyin Bao Jian Gong - Health Protecting Qigong - Seminar with Eliane Roggo.
  • 22.05.2016: Deepening 108 Form with Marianne Vögeli.
  • 30.06. - 03.07.2016: Seminar "Wu Xing Liu He Gong" with Shifu Tian Liyang from Wudang.
  • 30.10.2016: Deepening of the 37 and 108 Form with Marianne Vögeli and Hans-Peter Sibler
  • 03.12.2016: Shu Jin Zhuang Gu Gong - Muscle and Bone Qigong - Seminar with Eliane Roggo
  • From August 2020 to December 2021: Yang style Xiong Men Taiji with applications, Push Hands (Tui Shou), Patterns with Urs von Osch.
  • Since September 2022: Shaolin Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi Qi Gong, Taiji Jian 32 Form Yang Style, 8/10 Form Yang Style with José Luis Llorente Almansa 

Further training (Küni):

Teaching experience (Küni):

  • Qi Gong as therapy at the Psychiatric Clinic in Münsterlingen, Switzerland (confirmation)